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November 14, 2019

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T-Mobile - Fake ringing (deceptive design)

April 24, 2018


For over a decade, I was an end user of T-Mobile. Their service, though spotty, was often remedied through good customer service. I remember often making calls, later following-up with the non-answering party, only to find they had, "no missed call." 


Anyone who has had a cell phone has often heard the different "ringing" sounds (Short, Fast, Long, Loud, Soft). I've never figured out which are real, and which are an indication of call failure.


I eventually switched carriers to something more reliable, as my business grew, and call drops were no longer an option.


It comes as no surprise that I recently ran across a story in which T-Mobile was conclusively and deceptively faking call connections. It confirms my suspicion. I expect more Cell providers to have similar practices revealed.


A $40 Million dollar fine sounds like a lot, but, I know it's nothing, especially when I see as many television commercials as T-Mobile airs (I wonder what the average cost of each of those). I also wonder whether this fine can be written off (even a 50% write off).


All and all, having communication at our fingertips is a privilege not a right. But, providers should not be deceptive when connecting calls. I'd rather know that a call was not connected, especially because I leave few messages (assuming the call-missing party will return the missed call, if they so choose).


T-Mobile, Et Al Providers, just be honest. If I don't have service, don't fake the ring.


Proof of story, here.